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Safety Around Dogs – Pre-School, Kindergarten and 1st grade, 30-40 minutes
This interactive presentation uses photos and a very life-like puppet to teach children how to behave around dogs. Students get to practice the safe way to pet a dog and what to do if they are approached by a stray. Since dog bites are one of the leading causes of injury to children, this presentation is a must for all youngsters.

Kindness to Animals – 2nd grade, 45 minutes
This fun presentation gives children a chance to think about the way they treat others, especially animals. Students must pick from a grab bag of mystery items and decide which would be kind to use. Students interact with a variety of stuffed companion animals to learn ways they can improve animals’ quality of life.

City Wildlife – 3rd grade, 45 minutes
Students will love learning about some of their not so cuddly neighbors that they can find right in their own backyards. One lucky student gets "caught" and helps teach classmates why wild animals don’t make good pets. A short video, photos, and a variety of animal props show students how every wild animal has an important job that helps our planet.

Pet Needs - 4th grade, 45 minutes  Students attempt to identify a variety of animal care props and how the items are used to properly care for animal. They learn about what pets need to be healthy and happy, as well as the importance of neutering. This presentation stresses why all pets should be treated as a member of the family.

Preparing For a Pet – 5th grade, 45 minutes  Students learn about all of the things they need to consider before deciding to get a pet. They split into teams and love trying to guess all of the pet care responsibilities on our game board.  This presentation stresses how much work, time and money is involved in being a responsible pet owner.

Careers With Animals – 4th and 5th grade, 20 - 45 minutes
Children will be surprised to learn there are many more career options involving animals than they could have imagined. This presentation encourages students to think about subjects they enjoy, and then offers a variety of potential jobs involving animals that use these skills. This topic is available as a full presentation or can be modified for school Career Days.

The Homeless Pet Crisis – 6th grade through high school, 45-60 minutes
Students will learn the facts about the animal overpopulation crisis and why animal shelters exist.  This presentation focuses on the 3 ways students can help prevent abandonment and overcrowding at shelters. A fun opportunity to act as "adoption counselors" teaches students the importance of choosing the right animal for their home.

The Truth About Pit Bulls – 6th grade through high school and Adults, 45-60 minutes 
This presentation focuses on clearing up the misinformation and fear surrounding pit bulls. We discuss the history of the American Pit Bull Terrier dating back to the early 1800s and the true breed standard of this wonderful dog.  Students, teachers and adults walk away with a better understanding of how irresponsible owners and media bias contributed to the bad rap these dogs suffer from. 

Responsible Pet Care – Adults, 45-60 minutes
This informative presentation expands on the basics of animal care in areas like diet, health and training. Adults will learn about puppy mills, the homeless pet crisis, and the importance of making a lifetime commitment to their pets.

Factory Farming – High School & Adults, 45-60 minutes
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Preparing Dogs For Infants – Adults, 60 minutes
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