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ladyLady (1998 - 2011) - My name is Lady and I’m a black Lab. Meredith met me through a Lab rescue organization ( when I was 5 years old. True to my breed, my two greatest joys in life are eating and spending time with people. I used to love food a little too much - I weighed in over 100 pounds when they rescued me. But it's what is on the inside that counts, right? And I have a heart of gold. Truly. I've never met a human I don't like, and I prefer to be within petting distance of someone at all times. Eventually I shed 30 pounds, and now I’m a huge fan of daily walks, chasing balls, and anywhere that involves a car ride. My hobbies are chewing bully sticks and napping, preferably with my head on someone's lap. I'm not a big fan of other dogs, although I do like my sister Harley. I was skeptical when she first arrived, but she's definitely been a bonus. She taught me how to play and it's nice to have someone to share the couch with when they leave us home alone. Did I mention I used to be a registered therapy dog with the Delta Society? I had to give up my title when I became a senior, but I’m proud nonetheless. Not too shabby for a chubby dog nobody wanted.

harleyHarley - My name is Harley and I'm a yellow Lab. My fairy godmother Darlene found me wandering the streets when I was just a baby. Meredith said she’d foster me, but that puppies were too much work to keep. I quickly figured out it was only Lady's approval that I really needed. All I had to do was let her be the boss and it was easy! Now I’m living the good life sharing a king size bed with my pack and eating raw meat. I even went to a bunch of training classes and now I can do some pretty cool tricks that even Lady can’t do (although she’s better than me at tug-o-war). I love people, but my 2 greatest joys in life are food and walks – my goal is to catch a squirrel one day, and if Mer didn’t always ruin my chances I think I could do it. I’m not too fond of pools or the hose, but I LOVE the beach. Especially playing fetch at the beach. I love all the smelly things you can find in the sand. And I love going on adventures, like hikes and going off leash at UCLA. Did I mention I love playing fetch? Nope, I can’t imagine life getting any better.  (Unless I could just catch that squirrel).

lilyLily - Lily was found digging through the trash at a gas station looking for food when she was nine weeks old. After researching breeds to find a dog that would be good with children, had enough energy to keep up on hikes and loved to snuggle, Jennifer and her husband, Erik, decided they wanted an American Pit Bull Terrier. Lily came into the shelter a few weeks after they started their search and she was exactly what the couple was looking for. Lucky for her, Lily only had to spend one night in the shelter before getting a home. She started obedience training classes at ten weeks of age. True to her breed, Lily proved to be a quick learner. Like most pit bulls, she loves everything and everyone. She lives for spending time with humans and dogs alike. She has never met a stranger. Now 4 years old, she hopes to someday become a certified therapy dog so she can spread the love and knowledge of her breed in the classroom, hospital and retirement communities. When she's not napping on the couch, Lily enjoys hiking with her mom and dad, playing with her best dog friend, Bubba, or walking around Lake Balboa with her best human friend, three year old Elijah. Lily is still trying to convince her cat sisters, Pip, Eowyn and Wednesday, that she is okay. She tries lining up her toys and laying down next to them, gently nudging them towards one of the cats in an attempt to get them to play with her. The girls are having none of it. Lily remains undaunted and refuses to give up.  Her newest strategy is walk by kisses. She now tries to quickly lick them as they saunter past her. Most of the time she is rewarded with a swat on the nose.

pipPip - Pip started her life on the mean streets of Studio City. She was born to a feral (wild) mom. Jennifer was taking care of the wild cats outside her apartment by trapping them, getting them spayed/neutered, getting their shots and releasing them back onto the street where she continued to feed them. Pip's mother, Mama, was the hardest to trap. She had three litters a year. As soon as the kittens were eight weeks old, she would chase them off and they were left to fend for themselves. Jennifer would scoop them up and find them homes. Pip was as hard to catch as her mom. After nine months of watching Jennifer as she came to feed every night, Pip decided she might like to be pet. She liked being pet so much that she followed Jennifer inside the next week. Pip loved being indoors where it was warm and she felt safe. Unfortunately, Pip got very sick. She spent two weeks at the vet trying to get over an upper respiratory infection. It was so bad that Pip lost her eye to the infection. Eight years later, she is healthy and enjoying the good life. Pip is the perfect cat. She rolls with the punches and is good in any situation. Pip accepts any new animal that comes into the house whether it's temporary or permanent. Nothing phases her. She greets her mom when she walks in the door every night and follows her around the house telling her about her day. Pip is short for Pipsqueek. Ask her a question and she will happily squeek out an answer. Pip will even say 'hi' to people on the phone. "Pip makes me want a cat," professes Jennifer's non-cat loving friend, Lisa. Now THAT'S a cat. Stay tuned for an audio conversation with Pip.

eowynEowyn - Eowyn was thrown over the fence at a shelter in a box with the lid taped shut. Most people consider this incredibly sad. Eowyn thinks it was luck. She could have just been left to starve and die on the street.  Instead, she has the best home ever. Dubbed the 'princess' for her good looks, Eowyn enjoys lounging around the house being waited on by her staff, aka Jennifer and Erik. She still remembers her rough start in life, though.  Eowyn is terrified of car rides. She prefers to look at the outdoors through the safety of her perch above the living room window. If she does have to venture out to the vet, she feels safest with older sister Pip in the cat carrier next to her. When she's not napping or gazing out the window at the birds in the yard, Eowyn loves to play with her favorite toy, 'Da Bird.'

wednesdayWednesday - Wednesday started her life on the same streets as her sister, Pip. Her mom was too sick to take care of her and disappeared early in Wednesday's life. Jennifer came home to find her almost dead in the parking lot next to a bowl of water. Erik gently wrapped her in a towel and held her while Jennifer drove to the vet. After a flea bath and some fluids, Wednesday felt much better. Her mother hadn't taught her much on the streets so she had a lot to learn from her sisters. She used to hiss at Jennifer and Erik when they would walk into a room, then start purring and run to them. Wednesday was confused. She thought hissing was greeting. Eowyn wasn't looking for a new sister and wanted nothing to do with a young kitten. Pip was more tolerant.  Wednesday learned everything by following Pip around and imitating her. Knowing that Jennifer and Erik saved her life, she has rewarded them with lots of love. Where most cats are aloof, Wednesday wants to be in the same room with her human parents, preferably on their lap. She sleeps on the bed with them at night, follows them from room to room and can't stand if any of her sisters are getting attention. When she's not tormenting the dog or chasing the other cats to instigate play, Wednesday enjoys a nice nap on her favorite chair in the living room.

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