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A little over a year ago, my husband and I met two wrinkly little 10 week old pit bull puppies who were up for adoption. My husband liked the hyper little girl puppy, but I was drawn to the mellower of the two. I sat next to him and he crawled into my lap, wrinkles and all. He is now a year and 4 months old, and still tries to crawl into my lap. The difference now, other than his size, is that he patiently waits until I give him permission. With consistent, calm, and positive leadership, Bentley has become a dog who is everyone's friend. Kids at the park love to throw the ball for him and other dogs like to play "chase" and "tug" with him. He is used for behavior consultations with other dogs at his doggy daycare because of his calm and friendly temperament. We are so proud that Bentley is a member of our family. He is truly an ambassador to the breed.



Emma was found collapsed on the street by a Good Samaritan.  The litter of puppies she had recently given birth to were nowhere to be found.  She was skinny, missing fur and covered in scars.  She had obviously lived a very sad life.  The Good Samaritan, Patricia, and Lori of Downtown Dog Rescue nursed poor Emma back to health.  Then her mom, Jennifer, found her.  She has gone from a sad life where she was used as a breeding machine to the good life of a beloved family pet!  She shares her home with a cat, TC, and enjoys adventures with her mom.  Jennifer has helped her work through her shyness so that she can see the world as a wonderful place and not the scary one she spent her first few years in.  Her before and after pictures say it all.  This is one happy dog - and a very happy mom who loves her!




Last year, we found ourselves in the path of an extra-large pit bull. He looked friendly, so we held our ground and got him to follow us home. Animal control told us he wouldn’t last long if no one claimed him, so we took him home and tried to find his owners ourselves. We were unsuccessful, which is fortunate because he showed many signs of abuse: he was flea infested, had a broken and bloody tail, a protruding rib, and signs of being hit hard over the head. He was terrified of dogs behind fences and had high anxiety when walking on a leash. Our vet thought he might have been a “bait dog.” Despite that, he was remarkably friendly with adults, gentle around kids, and playful with other dogs. We got him fixed up over several vet visits and tried to adopt him out, but after a few weeks we decided to keep him ourselves.

Today, Surrey is a joyful dog, remarkably smart, eager to please, and he loves everybody. His anxiety has improved dramatically with proper, rewards-based training. We cannot leave the house without someone complimenting his good looks. He goes on pack walks with his trainer and when he comes home he becomes very animated as if he’s trying to tell us all about it. He loves pie, and will attempt to steal it before going for turkey.

He enjoys playing his dog puzzle, and sitting in laps.


Lux aka Lucky was living in a backyard in Lancaster. His owner never let him in the house and planned to use him to breed. The scars on his face look like he had been in fights but i don't have any way to tell for sure. His owner lost his home to foreclosure and could no longer keep him. Through a mutual acquaintance he contacted me to rescue Lucky rather than take him to a shelter. It was right after Hank (my golden retriever) died and my whole family and other three dogs were so heartbroken that we jumped at the chance to save Lucky. Lux, as he is now called, is the most gentle, loving dog. He gets along perfectly with my dachshund, chihuahua, and bassett hound and loves every dog he meets. He was never let indoors at his previous owner's house and yet he magically turned out to be fully housebroken after the first night. He had serious heat rash when he came to us but is now fully healed. He's a happy, healthy, loverboy who loves hiking, jogging, giving kisses, sleeping in my bed, snoring, eating bagels, and letting kids climb all over him. I couldn't ask for a better dog, he made our family whole again.




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