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We welcome the opportunity to assist you!  This organization was created to educate and assist others on all animal-related issues.  Considering a new pet and don't know where to look? Overwhelmed by your new puppy?  Lost your cat?  Feel free to call or email us with questions.  We can also provide information on local animal resources. Keep in mind we are currently a volunteer staffed organization.  Contact over email is preferred, but phone calls are welcome in time-sensitive situations.  Every attempt will be made to respond in a timely manner.

Paws and Learn Humane Education Center
P.O. Box 64-2874
Los Angeles, CA 90064


Meredith LaBonge
Phone: 310-699-4646

Jennifer Bailey
Phone: 858-722-2426


If you're interested in booking a presentation for your school or group, please consider the following information before contacting us.

Elementary School Presentations:

Presentations are done in the individual classrooms and not assembly style We can perform a minimum of 2, and a maximum of 4 presentations per day. Therefore, if the school has a total of 20 classes, you would need to book a total of 5 days if all grades are interested in participating. To check for available dates, please email

Middle & High School Presentations:

Presentations are most effective when presented within a classroom setting. However, assembly style presentations can be accommodated for large groups if necessary. Teachers may book a presentation for one classroom, but 2 classes or more are always preferred. To check available dates, please email

Presentations to Clubs & Adult Groups:

To make the most of our time and limited resources, booking a presentation for groups with less than 15 people will be dependent upon the group’s location and number of people in attendance. To check for availability, please email

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